What is the deadline for the registration?

The online registration is possible until Thursday, 12th of May, 12:00 PM.

Can I register on the day of the event?

The on-site registration will be possible only if we announce available race numbers after on social media channels after the online registration is closed.

Can I cancel my registration?

The registration can be canceled onyl if you have a health problem that can be proven by a medical document. In this regard, you must send us an email attaching this document (medical certificate/report) at info@maratonulvinului.ro and ask for the cancellation. Don’t forget to specify the name, race and the bank account so that the registration fee can be refunded.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

You can transfer your registration at any point in time until May 12th, 12:00.
Transfer procedure:

  • The person you want the registration to be transfer to must register on the website (without paying if you have already paid the registration fee)
  • You send an email to info@maratonulvinului.ro mentioning the fact that you choose to transfer your registration and the name of the person to whom you want to transfer it.

Can I transfer from one race to another?

You can transfer from one race to another until the 1st of May by sending an email at info@maratonulvinului.ro.

Can someone el pick up my the race kit?

Another person at your choice can to pick up your race kit as long as they can show a copy of your ID or FRC license.

Do I have to register for the Family event?

It is not necessary to register for the Family Course. You can come directly at the start line with you bicycles checked. The helmet is part of the mandatory equipment.

I paid. Why don’t I appear validated?

The list of participants is updated between 1 and 24h. If more than one working day has passed and you do not appear on the list of participants, please email us at info@maratonulvinului.ro.
If the registration was made on a Friday, weekend or before is a legal holiday, please wait for the next working day to check the list.

How is the timing done?

The timing is done with an electronic chip for the 31 and 51 km races, for all participants, and for the 18km race only for children with ages between 13-18. The other races are not being timed.

Is there a set of rules or mandatory equipment?

Yes, there is a set of rules to be respected by all participants, mandatory equipment, and recommended equipment, which is also applicable according to the race. For details, please refer to the event rules.
Failure to comply with any of the rules results in disqualification.

Can I accompany the child/children on the 4 km course?

You are not allowed to accompany the child/children on the 4 km course, but they will be escorted by MARVIN volunteers for the entire route.